Owned and operated by two local YYC artists and art educators Janel Nail and Andrea Lau, Bridgeland Art Camp focuses on creativity and self expression, building self-confidence in young artists, designers, creators and innovators. Artists will have the opportunity to create indoors in the Bridgeland Riverside Community Hall with amazing city scape views as well as have access to the nearby playground, soccer field and newly installed basketball courts during movement breaks.

🎨 Ages 6-11 - full day 9-4pm

🎨*SOLD OUT* half day 9-12pm (3 days) 

Artists will have the opportunity to explore a variety of mediums and learn new art making techniques such as drawing, painting, printmaking, weaving and more! Artist will explore the outdoors daily and learn how to use the natural world around them to make paint, dyes and unique nature art pieces.

We will have a lot of fun getting creative! Spaces limited so register early. See link: https://www.janelnail.ca/campsandclasses

Looking forward to seeing all the little artists this summer!