Paper Story

Paper Story - Connecting Community Through Papermaking

In spring/summer 2024 the community of Bridgeland-Riverside will be invited to learn about invasive plants and be active participants in the process of hand papermaking. It is a story and process that will bring community together by utilizing materials considered a nuisance, eyesore, something of little worth. Invasive weeds such as creeping bellflower, yellow clematis and Canada thistle will be collected by our community and made into beautiful paper!

This project addresses the relationship between the perceived value of an object or material, and real value - reflecting on it's actual worth. Invasive plants will be collected, processed and created into paper pulp. The community will experience the joy of creating handmade paper through a series of hands-on workshops. 

The finale of this papermaking project will be an installation (in September 2024) utilizing all of the handmade paper. The temporary installation will be crafted with whimsy and playfulness, encouraging everyone at the exhibit/installation to take a paper sheet home to enjoy. 

A project in partnership with the Bridgeland-Riverside Community Association, generously supported by the Calgary Arts Development.

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